First time to get it going was an issue in dac only output. I had to set it up in preamp output, connect via Bluetooth directly by passing the Node 2I and slowly increase the volume control. After this initial setup issue I had no problems playing in dac only fixed output and streaming through Node 2I. Overall a very good product, I also have a Lumin T2 (far more expensive than C3XR) and this matches that in sound quality. I guess after a certain price point spending more money is pointless on DACs. The user manual needs a lot of improvement. For those uninitiated, wat is the difference between I/V stage and LP stage of OP amps? How does it differ in dac operation /SQ if someone replaces only one these sections? Filters? What are there sound characteristics without graphs etc, just in layman terms? Apart from these issues, excellent product 👍