Denon AH-D9200, Dali Opticon 6 mk2, Denon PMA-900HNE with Burson Conductor 3XR

I put it on the Super Charger 3A and changed op-amps to v7 vivids as soon as I verified the product was functional. So my op-amps are hardly burnt in yet; but I already really love the sound from the Burson Conductor 3XR. It is wonderfully spacious, detailed and natural, yet not metallic/harsh in the treble - it is a pleasure to listen to. Beautiful sound and very immersive, it makes it hard to raise myself from the sofa. I feel the spaciousness perhaps a bit more using my speakers (through Denon PMA-900HNE), but when it comes to detail, my headphones (Denon AH-D9200 connected via XLR/balanced) are the way to go. And there is a huge amount of detail that I previously didn't hear with my other DAC-amps. The best performing audio device I have ever owned, I can say. There are two minor things that might be improved and I'm confident that at least one has already been addressed with newer products: First, the headphone-amp volume jump from 00 to 01 is huge (although on low gain) followed by comparatively very minor increments, which fortunately is not a problem for me, since I still listen on louder volumes than between these two values. Second, the manual or the case could bring more clarity into which XLR output on the back side of the Conductor is left and right. From my experience, the bottom one is right, but this is not really described on the product casing nor in the manual.