My first serious warning: BE CAREFUL! I ordered the “Creative Sound Blaster V6 Package Deal”. At first. The package got stuck at the customs in Germany! If you’re lucky, like me, then the customs send it right to you after they checked it, if it is a fake-iPhone from China… If you’re unlucky, they send you an invitation-letter and you have to pay 19% import turnover tax. And I am REALLY missing some more of these DIP8 Sockets! At least four more! The installation for me was a bit risky… because some capacitors are so damn close together and to the opamp sockets, that I had to bend some caps a bit over and removed two DIP8 sockets from the V6’s to stack them at the “risky” opamp sockets to get some more space. You can see it in the pictures, which towers are a bit higher. Make sure, that you have at least ~ 4,2 centimeters free space for your soundcard. It’s like 2 1/2 PCI sockets space! After I put the soundcard back into the pc, I had to reinstall the Sound driver, because the soundcard made no sound. Creative Sound Blaster Drivers are generally a bit whiny and buggy. So don’t worry, if you get no sound. Just give her some attention and love ;)

Now… I am bad at describing, how sound works… For those, who know, what the feature “Crystalizer” from Creative for the Sound Blaster soundcards is, than I would just say: “Crystalizer 2.0 update with some punch and space” Now it’s time to burn those towers in and see how the sound sounds after some weeks, how my Schiit Valhalla 2 and HD 800 do sound like :) Thank you Burson Audio for the product and the fast transaction. Sadly the customs in Germany are retarded but I can understand their worries if stuff comes from Asia ^^ greetings Viktor