Pro High End Review Burson Conductor & Timekeeper Combo

..."Gradually, however, apparent differences. The sound is denser , more energetically rich . Changed attack tools , a sense more [...]

Sound News Review Burson Timekeeper by Savu (Chief Editor)

..."Conclusions: Burson Timekeeper is no doubt an exciting product built painstakingly and very musical. The compact size and ability to [...]

Audio Video Revolution Conductor & Timekeeper Review By Andre Marc

Featuring: Grado SR60 Pro-Ject Head Box II Thiel CS2.4 "Conclusion Burson has a pair of winners with the Conductor DAC [...]

Positive Feedback Most Wanted Awards 2013 Conductor & Timekeeper

Burson Conductor DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp ( $1850) and the Timekeeper Mono Block Amplifiers ($2600 each) The Burson Conductor DAC/Preamp/Headphone amp and [...]

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