…”Gradually, however, apparent differences. The sound is denser , more energetically rich . Changed attack tools , a sense more “fast” sound , while maintaining the same pace and rhythm . I would definitely preferred the possibility of using two power amplifiers bridged . At least , if I did not have to swim for it seriously – Chiva .

I can not mention one important tion , at least for me details. Pre- amplifier Conductor not only has on its front panel jack TRS – he collab – stitelstvu also a real high – quality headphone amplifier . A statement by the power of 4 watts is enough to listen to your favorite tracks on the maximal volume , without disturbing others. Certainly , class headphones will largely affect the final result . But for that part of tract that is to headphone jack , I’m quite calm.

Lovely compact audio version that allows to obtain a big sound from small devices and relatively – large funds . Functional equipment will connect to any carrier Burson music signal . Built-in high – quality headphone amplifier can be very handy for more than lovers of night auditions.”…

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