…”One short, sharp wriggle and both Timekeepers are up and running.  Hot damn!

I have to say, I can see why so many people just love their monoblocks.  Going from one to two Timekeepers just makes the music so much more effortless.  I wouldn’t have called the Timekeeper in stereo mode stressed, but compared to monoblock mode, well, it is almost as if stereo mode is feeding power to the speakers through a 25mm pipe and monoblock mode is feeding power to the speakers through a 300mm pipe.  Even though the volume doesn’t change the softer sounds are so much easier to hear against the background, the bass deepens, and the whole soundstage just gets about 25% bigger and is so much more relaxed (Ok, I was listening to Dire Straits here so YMMV on the relaxed bit).  I just love the ease with which the dBs swing from under 70 to over 95, like the amps just don’t find it difficult at all.

And why should they, with over 200 Watts on tap to feed each speaker what could be so difficult?”….

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