First of all, thank you for the fast delivery. I was very surprised by unexpected short time between purchase and having the “beetles” in my palm. What I really appreciate are the small bids that manufacturer ads to delivery package, I mean SKB bands and spare sockets for potential soldering into plate. The sound of my Ayon is already perfect and unique. As you probably know, the Ayon is the high-level brand in hi-end of HiFi world. Nevertheless, or may be that this is why, I was surprised by finding relatively cheap OPA 2134 when I checked internals of my unit. They are not bad, but we all know that better exists. Because of being electro technician engineer as my profession, I’ve searched web for some tweaks to even upgrade this superior unit Ayon is. One of the best approaches that looked promising was to change integrated OPA for the discrete ones from Burson Audio. The reason for this change is obvious: smaller number of used components + bigger area of semiconductor chips + high quality of passive components (resistors and capacitors) = ALWAYS lower level of background noise and in many cases higher Slew Rate. All this together gives us better sound. Why Burson Audio? Because they offer complex and complete solution. They have various range of solutions fitting clients financially as well as by the quality and technology. That is what I really appreciate from the good vendor. I have to mention here another benefit Burson Audio has, it is the support by Dennis. He is willing to answer any questions and his honest approach is unique. Like my own experience when I balancing between V6 Vivid or V6 Classic. His answer was: ” Rather Vivid or Classic that is tricky, because they sound very different, the Vivid is more natural and the Classic tend to be little sweeter and fuller body sound if you know what I mean.“ I do prefer more analytical sound, therefore the choice was made for V6 Vivid. The distance from Australia to the Czech Republic (Europe) is not the short one, but the package landed on my desk within 12 days. Thanks again to Burson Audio for the managing the shipment materials in ideal way to optimize customs and all bureaucracy. The same day I got them, I dismounted Ayon to make the swap of original OPA to V6 Vivid. All documented by attached pictures: original OPA, change for V6 Vivid and final case treatment by shielding wrap (brown tape) which reduces EMR (electromagnetic radiation). Burson Audio delivers Cu foil tape as a part of delivery which is already good enough. Anyway, I have better experience with more sophisticated (and expensive) Cu fabric tape which I had from my previous projects.   First impression: I’ve expected to hear difference in direction of enjoyment of better sound because of just having better components, but what a change! I was shocked in positive way! What a sound by even not “burned in” OPA. (The “burn in” process can take 2-3 weeks of usage.) Therefore, here is my really the first impression from the “virgin” system. I hear the difference in all segments of sound. In all of them the shift is to the better level. Sound flows as sparkling, crystal clear water stream… it is transparent and detailed to the level I’ve never imagined before… dynamics in all senses … scene or soundstage got more space and precise localization of instruments (if even possible)… as a surprise, even the volume gained 2-3 dB subjectively. All that mentioned is probably due to the lucky fit or better say ultra-harmony of the new OPA by Burson Audio and Ayon. Ayon already use tubes after the OPA itself, therefore it has unique and excellent sound, but this new set-up is a dream synergy you cannot beat. There is literally no comparison possible to systems I’ve heard before. The changes that came after the OPA upgrade are in essences. I can always say that bass is even stronger and more precise then before, the high are brilliant and mid are even more real, all that is the truth by the way, but that is not what it is all about. What is important to say is, that the feeling, the perception of music is here. I’ve said to one of my friends: “Any music I’ve played, all the genders, rock, pop, classical, ambient, any CD, anything from hi-res flac, all that I ENJOYED! This combination has the most musical sound I’ve ever heard. I have to mention here that I have experience with Krell, Mark Levinson, Pathos, Leben, Manley and many others, but none of them can compete this combination. The Ayon with new OPA has the sound with no lack or shortage of details and with no coloration either nice one or not. After a long time, it was just a pure and pleasant enjoyment of listening the music! Listening of any music! I am really looking forward for what will happen after the “burn in” period will pass. An audiophile (my) heaven? Probably yes!