SS-Audio discrete V5 Op-amp was the finishing touch. First step was recapping, according to the instructions of the Audio Analogue Donizetti designer, mr Federrico Paoletti. Capacitors in the supply stage have been changed from Kendail 4700 uF for Nippon Chemi Con 6800 uF – 12 pcs so the capacity have been rised from 28200 uF to 40800 uF , next was caps between IC driver and power tansistors stage – MKP 470 nF 250V philips for jantzen MKP 10uF 400V. Input cap have been changend from red Wima 1 uf for Jantzen Silver z-cap 1uF 800V. Next i change the power transistors quiescent current from 20 mA to 40 mA, according to instructions of mr Paoletti.

After this mods amplifier sounded clear and spatious without roll off on treble but sound signature stays on the soft side, just like good tube amplifier – rich, dynamic and bright. As i mentioned in first sentence, last mod was change opamp from TI ne5534ap for burson ssv5, this gave the finishing touch, soundstage becomes deeper and wider, completly not connected with speakers, bass becomes tighter and MUCH deeper. I’m not going to change anything more now. I’m happy with this old/new amp.

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