Audeze LCD-GX with Burson Conductor 3X GT

I needed an AMP/DAC combo for my newly purchased Audeze LCD-GX and was recommended Burson Audio's Playmate 2, which I purchased along with the headphones. The Playmate 2 worked excellent with the GX, so much so that I realized higher end audio is for me and that I will be interested in more headphones in the future. After additional research, I decided to go straight to the Conductor 3X GT, particularly after repeatedly reading that the device would not only be able to drive much more power-hungry headphones but also that it would add more "slam" and "unlocks the bass of planar drivers". I've had the device for less than a day, but I would definitely agree with those last 2 statements. I'm very happy with the device, which also added a lot of functionality to my use cases.