I have listened to the Soloist SL with my own AKG 550, Beyerdynamic T1,
and a complementary Audeze LCD-3, and I have to say I am more than impressed,
especially when paired with LCD-3.

I have listened to amplifiers like Beyerdynamic A1 & Musical Fidelity M1, and none of this has
Burson’s warm sonic character, bass authority, and good grip on the treble.
The amp also shows little distortion when driven hard. Beyer A1 probably sounds darker
and has a slightly better holographic quality than the Burson but Burson triumphs in terms of
bass quality and quantity.

Paired with the Audeze, the Soloist SL presents an impressive soundstage with
electronic and classical music. I have found a new level of scale with Beethoven’s
9th from Decca. It also shows a new depth to Prodigy’s “Mindfields” which sounds
congested before. The beats from Chemical Brothers’ “Do It Again” & “Believe” dig deep,
and I find myself sampling my old collection of classic rocks like Led Zeppelin.
The little Burson articulates the low growl of Zeppelin guitars with gobs of
power and neutrality. The treble of Jazz vocals like Diana Krall & Laura Fygi
which often sound sibilant on Beyer A1 (to my ears anyway) is nicely reigned in.
Together with the Audeze, Burson has a very inviting analogue sound, plush, with none of
that fatiguing digital “thinness.”

This loaner is a keeper.

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