The purchasing experience was wonderful as they were very accommodating and answered all of my questions and set my mind at ease as far as the SL powering my Audeze.

Previously, now on The Bay for sale” I has a Naim Headline2 with the $800 upgraded NAPSC power supply. It ran my dymanics just fine (not pictured HD-650, DT-880) and pictured B&W P5 (with an Double Helix Cables Silver cable) and a B&W P7 ( also with a Double Helix silver cable installed….and yes, Peter has a Double Helix coming for my Audeze). When I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the Audeze after a bout of insomnia, upon arrival I was VERY disappointed. I needed more power so, in comes the Soloist SL. I received it and it has been my own private heaven.

As you can see, my sources are a NuForce hot rodded Oppo NFP-93 (new analog section, Rotel power supply from the BFP-95, the video section has been totally disconnected and it is now a giant killer. Below that,is my trusy Cary Audio 308T tubed cd player. The bottom shelf contain ps a Cary SLP- 30 tuned preamp that no longer needs to be in the systems (less cables, less noise. Etc.). Also not seen as a pair of 300B Cary Monoblocks and a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano’s. We have two small children (2 and 5) so I lost my listening room and my Big Rig had to be put up in closets. But, after this initial Burson/ Audeze setup, I may sell the amps and the spks and stay a headphone guy. The Burson is a tank for a mere $60@US….and it sound so neutral and natural, yet it has bass and extended highs. i love it….next stop a Soloist…then, who knows!!!

Thanks Burson….you guy (and gals) are the best!!!
Bryant H.