I am an gaming guy. I own this Asus Xonar Essense ST for around 3-5 year. I heard about Burson Op Amp from Head fi. Bought 3 pcs of Dual V6 vivid opamp from there site and take 5 days to arrive at my home I install the V6 Vivid and Wow it totally upgrade. First : Sound stage is quite expand. And it more lively Second : Dynamic is more musical sound. The stock opamp is ok but dynamic is not that clear. V.6 bring bass to my HD600 and more detail that ever. Third : Bass Bass is punchy and have more detail and power. I use this for HD600 and it matching very well. I play song. Play games and this combo work very good. I must say if you looking for an upgrade you should looking for this opamp. I have also use this sound card use as preamp + Marantz MM7025 to drive my book shelf spearker Elac B5. I work quite ok. The detail is there. I would say it way above my expectation. But man sound card is not quite goods as dedicated preamp right? If you have active speaker I think this little guy would be an upgrade too. Thank burson for quite goods products