Awesome Op Amps It took them a week to wake up and draw their power. During the first time, I put them sound very flat, linear sound, without charisma. I thought I had thrown the money. After the first week, I suddenly said wow! this is new, the sound had reached a new dimension. For the first time, I buy Burson it is normal for me to be so impressed. Characteristics: + Warm, musical and pleasant sound. Each song is a new world. + Music comes to life and is dimensioned. + Well separated and detailed instruments and channels. + Musical notes differ from each other. + Middle and low sounds come out, sounds that were previously hidden. + Deep bass and deep bass and tight guitar bass without causing fatigue. + Very realistic sound and all this without background noise or distortion. In general, it’s like you’re in the recording studio. It’s my first Op Amps, I never heard the same music. Very lovely sound We must continue this path of perfection. Almost no deficiencies this op amps. Good job! I give you a rating of 9/10