I had the time to perform some listening today of the V5 Discrete Op-amp in my system. The system is as follows:

Room : 18m2 treated passively (bass trap, large band absorber and diffuser)
Source: NAS + 3Dlab Nano transport
Sound processor: dirac minidsp ddrc22 (to mainly treat the area below 300 and correct the phase on the entire bandwidth)
DAC : Assemblage 3.1 SE with upgraded PSU (belleson) for +5v. +15v is untreated (337 and 317 standard regulators). OPA627 for I/V and Burson Opamp Supreme V5 in lpf.
Diy Preamp: UGS (based on nelson pass supersymetry patent)
DIY Amp: 200w/8R 30w in pure A class with (1kVA power supply and 180000uf of capacitor per channel). Design based on pass supersymetry patent.
Speaker: Magnepan 3.7R

I listened the system for 3 hours on various style of music after having let the system warm up for 1 hours:
Rock: Angus and Julia stone (black crow), dire straits (communiqué)
Vocal jazz: Melodie Gardot (les etoiles), Diana krall (love scene), youn sun nah (favorite things), patricia barber (companion)

Piano : chopin sonates, joey Alexander
Classical: Vivaldi concerto (basson, basss continue, organ), anne sophie mutter Carmen (violin variation)
Opera: Donnizeti Elisir d’amore, Carmen (by michel plasson Toulouse opera france)
Without surprise for you I guess, the result is in favor of the opamp supreme in most area compared to the opa627 that I was using until now in the lpf position.
Musicality: Wow. Tap footing is here. Never boring. You live the music and feel it. It is the first time ever that I can clearly hear all the subtlety of anne sophie mutter’s violin in her Carmen variations. In comparison the opa627 presentation is somehow “flat” if not unexpressive
Transparency: both are equal from my perspective here. My system is extremely transparent and in both cases I can hear the same level of details.
Stage: it is better than the opa 627 overall. It is larger with a bit less of depth but a better coherency in the stage presentation. What is really good also is the separation between the instruments. The opa627 was good already but the supreme is two steps above. a lot of air between instruments and notes when the opa 627 might be “blurry” sometimes.
Sound/tone: the tonal balance is quite neutral beside the fact that it seems to be limited in the low end region( see below). The medium is sensual with a lot of density and energy. You clearly feel the weight of the notes. Voices are superb. Transients are way better than with the opa627.

Subjective bandwidth:
•Bass: the opa627 from my perspective is having a lower bottom end which is better than the supreme (maybe the latest needs some time to break in). the opa 627 is showing more impact and authority especially on the kick drum (anyhow less than an AD825 on this specific area).
•Medium (low, mid and high): here is definitely the strength of the opamp supreme. From all the opamp I have tried in the lpf position this is the best. Mids are “full bodied” with lot of density (piano and violin are just outstanding). The transition are also extremely and the articulation is really good (each note on piano and violin are subtlety reproduced with all their nuance when the opa627 tends to be more “monotone”)
•High: opened and airy with no harchness at all, as good as the opa 627.

Best regards and well done Burson !

Franck C.