I think the Soloist 3XP is great, compared to my previous amp Topping A90 I think it has a slightly deeper sound stage and more precise/spatial imaging. It also drives my Moondrop Starfields to a very wide range of volumes on low gain which is awesome! I was looking for a great amp that could drive everything from sensitive IEMs (without channel imbalance at quiet volumes which this achieves, you can listen quietly on the Starfields at 1/99 on low gain (with 100% DAC volume coming in through XLR) with no channel imbalance due to the way the volume control is implemented) to more power-hungry headphones and this delivers in that regard. Being class A it does stay quite hot which can be a little concerning at first, but you get over it and it’s not an issue. There is a slight pop sound when changing gain settings with headphones plugged in so I’d recommend having them off or unplugging for that, similarly when unplugging sensitive Headphones/IEMs there is a sound so just take them off for that too. The encoder is a bit frustrating to use in the menus (it can reverse direction a bit or change your selection as you are pressing the knob to select what you want), some switches would have been nicer.