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The Burson Mothership is an audio rack designed to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Built from high-density extruded aluminium, it optimizes airflow around equipment and adds a sleek touch to any listening space. Its over-engineered design, achieved through high-precision CNC machining, ensures durability and a seamless appearance.

Smartly hiding cables in its support pillar, the Mothership creates a clean and sophisticated look. Its robust construction, using only four screws, is expected to outlast traditional furniture.

With its innovative design and quality craftsmanship, the Burson Mothership reflects Burson’s commitment to style and functionality in the audio world, making it a standout addition to any audio setup.

Mothership 01:
Two Levels
400mm/16 Inch X 260mm/10.2 Inch X 250mm/10 Inch

Mothership 02:
4 Levels
450mm/17.7 Inch X 260mm/10.2 Inch X 440mm/17.3 Inch

Mothership 03 (Copper Gold):
4 Levels
450mm/17.7 Inch X 260mm/10.2 Inch X 440mm/17.3 Inch

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 260 × 450 × 400 cm

Mothership 01, Mothership 02, Mothership 03

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