I wanted to write you to thank you for your amazing product. I’ve been amazed by the clarity and warmth they have brought to my cans.

I’ve attached a couple shots of my set up. I am using the conductor with HD800’s connected by a Cardas Clear cable. My source is fibre optic either direct from the CD or from my music server. My other gear is Anthem, Paradigm, Onkyo and Cambridge Audio.

I purchased the conductor through your web site as there are very few options for a Canadian to purchase one locally. Sean was very supportive and took care of my questions about shipping during the transaction.

The HD800’s provide the most accurate delivery of the artists intent but can be a bit over revealing or even a bit cool. Not so with the conductor. It has brought warmth and balance to the sound and have held all the clarity and accuracy of the HD800’s. I may be in love. This combination is simply amazing. You guys at Burson rock.

I broke the conductor in with a good portion of Pink Floyd’s remastered releases, Yo-Yo Ma and Diana Krall. I’ve got Steely Dan on as I write you this note and some Joe Jackson lined up next.

From the pictures you might notice a fine selection of scotch, music and a big leather chair. I may never leave this spot :)

Steve A.