I purchased the conductor last year and been using it with my headphones until this January 2015.

I now have also a Timekeeper power amplifier, and this Burson Conductor + Timekeeper setup works surprisingly well driving the Audio Note high efficiency AN-E SPe speakers. (97db)

In fact I don’t use anymore my pair of 300B Set AudioNote Conquest Silver Amplifiers!

The sound is very fluid and dynamic, Holographic and detailed , and the musical result is just amazing.
I was planning it change the speakers since I was not at all expecting that result !
Now I definitely keep the AudioNote AN-E SPe speakers, I think this is worthwhile to mention to inform your future customers.

Digital sources
-Apple TV via optical
-Apple Macbook air / Audirvana Software via USB
-Consonance CD 120 via Coax.

Analog sources
-Mitchell Gyrodec/SME/Benz micro via Etalon preamp
-Revox A77 and Nakamichi 600 alternatively

Congratulations to the team for your Designs and also the quality of Manufacture.

Best Regards
Jean-Michel Q.