Pre Amplifier 160 & Power amp 160 review by Colin Farnham

Hi,guys.Sorry for my tardiness in getting back to you with photos.As you will see from the attachments, I have replaced my NAD 541cd player with a Quad CDp 99.I chose this cd player for it's combination of great sound and 6 digital inputs.This enables me to run my DVD player and set top box through a top notch digital to analogue converter; future options include digital radio and streaming from my computer.So now my system comprises Quad cd,Xms set top box,Cambridge Audio 340T am/fm tuner,Yamaha DVD player,Thorens TD 160 turntable(with Audio Technica at22 cartridge) Amber phonostage, Burson Audio pre160/pp160 and finally VAF DCX loudspeakers.Well,how does it all sound?In a word,fantastic.Stereo imaging,dynamics,tonality and all round realism are just wonderful.Because of the sensitivity of the speakers and the power of your amplifiers, the volume control seldom reaches the 9 o'clock position;I seriously reckon I could fill a town hall with sound!In conclusion I would still have to say that your amplifier combination is still the star(s) of the show.I firmly believe that these amplifiers are capable of driving much higher quality speakers than my current Vafs;if I ever win lotto I'll prove it!Thanks again for such a wonderful offer on such wonderful products.Best of good fortune in the future.Colin Farnham