Hello Team and Burson Audio
I recently said my CDP was operational again after I replaced the Transformer in the CDP which failed.
I did not get to enjoy the Opamp replacement and the arrival of my new PRE 160 until recently. Some Pics of my system attached.

The CDP is a Audio Analogue Paganini 192/24 modified with Discrete Opamps
Burson Audio Pre Amplifier
Two Quad 909’s Amplifiers, only one amp board in each 909 is working, effectively mono blocks L & R channel.

The resulting upgrade from the chip Opamp out-puts to the Discrete Opamps in the Audio Analogue Paganini 192/24 was truly music to my ears and further more lead me to consider and buy the Burson

Audio Preamplifier. I enjoy the Burson design of using discrete components to provide more dynamics, details and sound stage the whole musical experience for me now is more life like a real sense of
presence is felt. Truly wonderfully musical products

John Ofsoski
New Zealand
Awesome work Burson Audio