Hi guys,

Here is my setup the P160 Combo package coupled with a Sony CDP-XA50ES and Interdyn enclosuresusing Seas drivers.
The speaker interconnect are custom made Zero gauge virgin copper 35 strands per mm2 with gold plated ring terminations.
After the burn in period, the sound I am getting is a full warm and transparent one.I am no audiophile connoisseur but the best way I could describe the music we were hearing from the P160 Combo is, very easy, clean and clear, to listen to, you could almost see where the musicians are on stage.

As a result WE now listen to music more often and consume more cheese and red wine.I have three grown teenagers who are musicians; they are now re-discovering their favorite music. The P160 combo has power to spare in this huge 8m X 6m room with a raked ceiling.

Extremely happy with this Australian made Product. My setup in the photographs is strictly stereo application

Cheers Abraham