Burson discrete Opamp review by Maestro Israel Yinon

Dear friends Jack, John and Alex in Burson Audio Melbourne, You might recall that I purchased from you 4 picks of your excellent Burson Discrete Opamp, which turned to be the best I ever found for the I/V position (directly behind the PCMs) in my DAC. I am using it with a set of genuine BB PCM63P-Y (the highest selection level, to be found in Yamaha's ProAudio gears) and your Burson Discrete Opamp is a true celebration within this partnership! Monitoring my own studio recordings has always been a big responsibility: With this combination it became also a true pleasure. I became therefore very curious to try your brand new Burson's Booster. Actually I thought to use it as a second Power-Amp, but let me tell you already now: Your Burson Booster is amazing!! Congratulations for a listening revelation! It plays extremely musically & realistic: It delivers the most natural overtones and excellent soundstage & room acoustics, one hears where the musicians are sitting, neither the violins nor woodwinds or brass sound compressed or artificial... The dynamic range is very accurate and the music feels like it is “live”. Wonderful! Indeed, our strong and once well modified Parasound HCA-1200 II Power- Amp at home, has undeniably no chance to reproduce these natural qualities; it is already out of the HiFi rack & the all system. Indeed, I had to “compare” them only shortly, and your Burson Boofers superiority became out of any question or discussion. I am already in love with it, and not only me: My wife (an excellent clarinettist) came to the room, listened to it for few seconds and said: “I don’t want to listen to anything else". A second check, done 24 hours after the first one, stunned both of us even more: Your Booster sounds now even warmer, fuller, rounder, while the articulation is always clear, the transparency is magnificent, the performances are full of details. 48 hours after having your Burson Booster, even if I deactivated the Aktive Subwoofer, the “feeling” for deep Bass is always there and nothing is missing. If anything, then I feel there is now more bass then before… As a HiFi “freak” since more then 20 years now, and as a conductor who is spending a lot of time in the recordings studios, I don’t remember ever listening to a Power Amp that is priced so modest but sounds so overwhelming realistic. I would also like you to know that I completely share your philosophy & mission: A First Class HiFI Product must not cost one “an arm and a leg”! People should be able to listen to recorded music at home, without having to go into debts. With your extremely well done products, you are doing more then a good deed. Yours, with gratitude and appreciations, Maestro Israel Yinon.