Burson Fun with the V6 Vivids single.

First impression you get from the Vivids is of the highly sophisticated sound. You can feel and sense the premium quality, like when sitting in a new sports car. Everything is more polished, cleaner, faster and more noble. The Vivids remind me of the BMW. Fast, shiny, nervous, energetic. The music sounds clean, polished and fast so that you sit at the edge of your seat. Tremendous details, big and spacious soundstage. It works particularly well with symphonic classical music and live rock concerts. Everything has a grandeur to it, you feel like being in big concert venue and feeling the atmosphere around you. The image is very sharp and the localization of instruments precise. Plenty of details and rich colors, the bass is tight and punchy, mids very detailed and the treble has sparkle without sounding sharp or sibilant. These is a premium quality no-nonsense product.

DALI, KEF, Epos speaker with Burson Bang

The Bang is a true technical marvel, packing a pure AB class power and transparency in a small footprint typical for the class D amps. For all out there, who strongly dislike class D amps like myself and still want a tidy uncluttered desktop, this is a solution we’ve been long waiting for. The Bang is ideal for near field listening, still capable of filling the small to mid-sized rooms with reverberant sound. It works great both with the Play and the Fun as preamps. Great job Burson.

AKG, Beyers, Senns with Burson Fun V6 Classic

The Fun is tremendeously neutral and transparent amp. It adds no coloration, it doesn’t manipulate the sound in any way, it doesn’t sound euphonic, nor bright, neither analytic nor warm. It is like looking through the cleanest window. After connecting a range of sources there was always the same feeling, the fascinating cleanness and neutrality. The Fun is a stellar performer deserving clear 5 stars. Already in the basic version it is a bang for buck. Adding Burson’s V6 Vivid or Classic opamps transforms it to even higher league. Mine will continue singing with the V6 Classics.