A few years ago, such a device would be called simply “preamp” and there the matter would end. Then the preamps were all kinds of inputs and of course a headphone socket. In a few years, this kind of devices will be also called “preamp”, since the USB, the Micro HDMI, the LAN and any other port will come standard inputs, like the headphone jack. Today, because our time is transitive, we have to distinguish the type of the device from “proenischytiki ‘mission and DAC with USB, and headphone amplifier. The Conductor has Stand-by in front, but a mechanical On / Off switch on the back.

We let the stream to raise temperature, the minimum can, and started experimenting with our PC, both Windows 32 bit and on Windows 64 bit. There are drives for both. After installing them, the system will be very stable and reliable. We started with flac from low 44.1 / 16, and we went up to 192/24. With each change analysis, a click of the relay confirms the “lock”. Stuck once again to Mrs Dawn Langstroth and track Highwire Heart to 96kHz – neutrality and high levels of interpretation. Strokes, sharpness and precision like this recording, as saying the Studio Master of Linn Records.

Repeated listening with headphones. The same feeling, a female voice that will surely hear much. What I like with quality USB DAC is that it can easily with a quick hearing to highlight the differences in the various analyzes. The pooping in all forums, no cover and no polish anything. Of course, the songs do not sound as MP3, while, as in analyzes upload to reproduce material, both want and want and want high resolution. You stop up there in Burson, at 192kHz, because clearly hear the difference and I like it. The Vurson belongs to the group of analytical and revealing DAC, you do not put “hand” at all in the music. Leave it as it is, naked and raw. Besides good recordings is not it? …

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