Chief Editor Matej Isak is not known for giving out awards easily. In fact, no other equipment reviewed by Matej came back with an award, except for the Burson Conductor.

You can read the full review here:

Review Highlights.

On Built Quality:

“New aluminium chassis is further refined. One can both see and feel the quality of finish. Whole design and aura of Conductor is both unique and elegant.”

“Conductor aesthetics are captivating and contemporary minimalistic.”

On The DAC Section:

“With (the DAC section of the Conducutor) Burson managed to keep the right warm feeling and add resolution.

“Conductor suddenly became a hefty dangerous threat to the $3000 and plus competition.”

On The Headphone Amp Section:

“Burson created impressive heritage and following of new generation of audiophiles.”

“There is no way you could or should avoid Conductor if you’re serious about you headphone listening. This is not only an audiophile product, but a stand out reference for professional monitoring. ”


On The Headphone Amp Section:

“you’re having on you hand a carfeul matching gain switcher for you desired power amplifier. I tried it with great result and have had great synergy with Mactone 300B, Sanders Magtech amplifier, YBA Passion 640 power amplifier, Eximus S1S mono blocks etc. ”

“Burson Conductor is among few solid state preamplifier I can happily live with.”


“I cannot see a better product to fit Mono & Stereo VALUE and SOUND award as Burson Conductor. You’ll have to work hard to find a competitor that comes even close to the performance of Conductor. More or less you’ll have to pay twice the price.”