In their Nov. 2013 issue of Hi-Fi +, Chief Editor Alan Sircom had this to say about our Conductor and Timekeeper.

Conductor the head-amp:

“it’s damn fantastic…Those three little settings on the front panel make this headphone amp a more universal design.”

“This has to be one of the most honest, natural and deep-down ‘right’ sounding headphone amplifiers out there.”

“It has the kind of transparency we all crave, but without the characteristic ‘shiny’ or alternately ‘dark’ sound that most good headphone amps seem to bestow on the music.

Conductor the DAC:

“It has extracted a stunning performance from a well-known digital converter (SABRE32/ESS9018), adding a sense of musical flow and rhythm to its already noted detail and air. There’s an unpretentious sense of insight into the sound and the music that works wonders…”

“in the embrace of the Burson, sounds memorable, moving and makes me wish I spent more time practicing my guitar.”

Conductor the Preamp:

“The sound is full and detailed, putting the music slightly in front of the loudspeakers in imaging terms, but never is it an ‘upfront’ sound. It’s just good. …a real revelation. ”

One Timekeeper:

“Now on to the Timekeeper. One 80W amplifier delivers a fine performance in and of itself, finely detailed and engaging…”

Two Timekeepers bridged:

“What begins life as a good stereo amp that will stand toe-to-toe with good, solid designs at the price, becomes a masterful renderer of audio chiaroscuro,an accurate depiction of the sort of dynamic shading and musical insight that used to be the sole preserve of brute-force amps in vast chassis.”

The 3 set Combo:

“With two, the amplifiers spring into life, and you have an outstanding mono amplifier pair with a fine preamplifier…. Very highly recommended all round, especially as a three-boxer.”

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