Hifiman HE-500 with Soloist headphone amp/preamp

I wish to share my absolute pleasure in obtaining this glorious piece of equipment. Having gone through a few headphone amp/ headphone phases, I really find I need to listen more privately these days; I previous had the original Burson 160 amp, it was terrific, but I had the wrong headphones with it. Now with the new HIFIMAN HE-500 headphone amp & even with an initial hook-up , they are transformed, more open, better bass definition & great clarity overall. I was previously running the HE-500 directly into a Marantz PM11S1 integrated amp, it sounded ok, but really, a bit lifeless & dull. It’s an all Burson affair, with both the AB-60 Buffer & the Soloist headphone amp running together & my source being a Marantz SA11S2 SACD player. Knowing the sound may improve even further as both headphones & Soloist are new, I am thrilled. Paul H.