Grado 325is with Burson Headphone Amplifier by Marco.

I "risked" the purchase of this headphone amplifier without having been able to listen first, trusting reviews. Still has not reached 100 hours, but already the sound is dynamic, deep bass and high frequencies are clear and clear ... wonderful! I'm really pleased.I confirm all the features described by others before me. I also always had an uncomfortable feeling, listening through headphones, the sound came from behind his back as if to turn around tools.With Burson Instead, the sound is in front as if I listened to the speakers and at the sametime around, I would say "space", with an impressive sense of depth and dimensionality.With good records is the sensation of being right "inside" the music. Beautiful! I use it with T + A SACD player and headphones Grado 325is headphones.Marco.