First off, this headphone amp is AMAZING! I have a small home studio and just got this to use with my AKG 702s for mixing. I record and mix here at my home studio. I have been mixing my band’s record for the last few months and bought the 702s for that purpose.

I really want to make this record a good headphone listen. However, my MOTU interface was not able to properly power the 702s. I researched painstakingly until I came across the HA-160. Everything I read made me believe this was the unit to get. This thing has brought my mixes and overall listening experience to a whole new level. I never thought these songs (or any music I run through it) could sound so good! Music is so clear and open with the HA-160. It is now my newest prized possession.

I don’t know what you guys did but keep doing it! Thank you!

Mac Pro (running Logic Pro for recording) -> MOTU 828 mkII -> Burson HA-160

Kevin C.

AKG K702 headphone amplifier