Burson HA-160Ds with Hifiman HE-400 customer feedback

I am using a Burson HA-160DS DAC/Amp with my new Hifiman HE-400. I was using my new Hifiman HE-400 headphone with a Nuforce uDac-2 for the past few weeks. The Nuforce Dac-2 is an improvement over computer sound boards (PC and Mac) but not satisfactory and I was planning to return the headphone until I tried the Burson HA-160DS.The HA-160DS is a MAJOR improvement over the Nuforce and makes the Hifiman headphone sing. Of course, it is unfair to compare a Burson with a Nuforce that costs about 1/10 of the Burson. The Hifiman headphone is a bit weak in highs but this causes less fatique. With the Burson I don't feel the absence of highs as much and it opens up music nicely. Now I can now enjoy all types of music with the headphone for hours.Since the headphone and Dac/Amp are new, I am looking forward to additional improvement with several hundred hours of use.Thanks for nice products and keep up the good work.