Burson Soloist with Audez’e LCD-2 & Grado RS1 feedback by Luca A.

After a couple of years of using the Burson HA-160, use that gave me a lot of satisfaction, I decided to switch to the new Burson Soloist attracted by the fact that the new amplifier should be a boon to my Audezè LCD-2 and also because the new amplifier has been completely redesigned compared to the previous model. About 3 months ago, the Soloist came to my house in Italy, directly from Australia! The package was as always perfect and the inside Soloist was made the entire trip without any problems. Opened the package I was pleasantly surprised to see that compared to HA-160 comes from a signal cable supplied. The construction of the Soloist is state of the art as always, perfect and minimalist design of the Soloist is nothing short of disarming and beautiful at the same time. I immediately connected the Soloist to my audio system consists of a CD player AudioAnalogue Crescendo, AudioAnalogue Bellini preamplifier, AudioAnalogue Donizetti100 power amplifier and a network player Marantz 7004. After a few days I started running the plays with my headphones, Grado RS1 "vintage" rewired, a Grade HF2 MoonAudio rewired, and Audezè LCD-2 rev.2 rewiredwith AirTech cable. The thing you notice immediately is the power output from the new Soloist, really great compared to the previous model, and the fact that you can manage it through the front three position button is comfortable, you can get sound from any headphone the best and always with the power necessary. The both Grado who already play well with the HA-160, now with the Soloist have been refined sound even more and just because it is possible to measure the power output. The sound is more detailed and deep and invites us to turn up the volume. No fatigue of listening is present and also the most difficult recordings are handled very well and without any difficulty. But the real surprise is the sound of Audezè LCD-2 with the new Soloist, a couple I would say perfect ! If you already with the HA-160 Audezè the LCD-2 sounded good but mildly flat and dark, now with the Soloist Audezè is literally "exploded", reborn, revitalized. Of course, even on the cable AirTech, but most of Burson Soloist who is finally able to encourage it and to get the most out of this fantastic headset, a natural sound but alive, never flat, real, would continue to listen, listen, listen for hours ! A huge leap forward compared to HA-160. I have already dwelt, and i'm not good at describing the emotions and the sound that the Soloist give it to me, so I conclude by saying that the Soloist is probably the bestheadphone amplifier in its price range and is unlikely to have rivals. Tks Burson