Because I can buy cheaper some capacitors, I did another (it looks final) upgrade:

180R, 200R, 220R, 680R RCK02A – Chinese army precise (0.01%) version of Vishay S102K.
680R, 3k3, 27k Kiwame
1M, 100R Caddock

2x 3.3uF/250V V-Cap OIMP
2x 3.3uF/1200V M-Cap Mundorf Supreme Silver Oil (for installation I used your clock transport box)
Your HD opams I solder directly to PCB (without socket)

I didn’t expect that difference will be so big. It is possible to say a lot superlatives about, neutrality, details, 3D,…
Now is possible to know how good your opams really are.

For you some fotos.

Jan, China