My set up includes Beyerdynamic Tesla-T1 headphones, connected via KimberKable USB mostly using ITunes via my IMac Computer.
The songs in ITunes are all loaded in a lossless format. This amp runs the T1 600 OHM headphones effortlessly. The volume and switches are all well made and have a very solid feel. The case has a very elegant look that matches nicely with my Apple Computer.

The build quality is perfect. i like the fact that the volume is smooth and not stepped. The lack of buttons and switches also adds to the rich look of the amp. The Input select is solid and the power switch on the back is very heavy duty. The unit does feel warm to the touch after 15+ minutes of use, but never hot.
It should be noted that the sound also improves as the amp “warms up” as per the instructions. I have only had this amp for a short time, but am currently 110% satisfied.

Thank you,
Andrea S.