The company’s headphone amplifier, the HA-160 caught the attention in the headphone enthusiast world, therefore it was not that surprising when the company came out with the HA-160D which is basically the same amp with a DAC converter and preamp.

I read about the model and saw the pictures, but it’s not the same as take him out of the box … Relatively large chassis (and heavy) Brushed aluminum (also used simultaneously for heat dissipation) on the one hand cries out for attention on the other hand was elegant. Switch the power demands and gets attention of its own – it’s about offering a 24 steps which, according to Burson is intended to preserve the quality of the signal as much as possible without adding distortion (up to 7% switch power used according to the company) and as expected, any movement of the switch with a piece of “click” – something that adds a sense of this model’s tank.

Front can be seen in addition to two inputs for headphones – not to connect a pair at a time but to be more suitable for headphones with low impedance / high (for close listening). Middle course is the great power switch and front right selection button (Bright selected entry). On the rear panel on the right there is a power outlet (cable “kettle”) with a power switch, digital inputs: one coaxial type that allows up to 192khz sample playback and a USB type that allows up to 96kHz sample playback.

Case you are wondering by the way, the USB input does not receive special attention to product detail Unlike most of the products style lately which probably indicates the company’s intention to focus more on the analog side (in terms of advertising anyway). There are no fewer than three analog inputs and one analog output of course.

A look inside reveals beautifully arranged in combat, two transformers, handsome power switch, and USB port that is in its own aluminum (I wonder what’s hiding there …).

Predictably enough warming device during work, but not at the level of frying an egg. People wonder about the murder – the company has made about a week lecturing to a delivery device for inspection. On the day they recommend to the device to work half an hour before listening.

Listening tests

Listening to the HA-160D was made with the-Audez ‘e LCD-2 (large headphones, open, nominal impedance of 50ohm, and sensitivity of 91dB), but now and then I put the Sony XB700 and-Sennheiser HD555 for comparison. The HA-160D tested with the USB (after trial entry Hkoaskielit sounded the same) and in parallel to produce Benchmark DAC1.

Amy Winehouse – Frank: her first album (and most successful in my opinion) of the late singer. The album is characterized by a more sound in my opinion “part” and less compression (ie, more subtle use compressors), the second album (and best known works). In the first part of the second section sent me flying You Amy’s voice combined with the piano sounds clear, clean, and is separated from the piano. Even when he entered the butcher focus is not lost. In October song properly slapped bass and Help Yourself separation of the channels was excellent.

Tron Legacy soundtrack: This is the soundtrack to “electro-orchestral” or in other words an integrated electronic orchestra. Daft punk did Cool soundtrack work and very largely aerial beauty with elements that integrate with each other.
Armory section of bass did not sound muffled and made tools to be swallowed in the background. Solar Sailer also section (my favorite album) bass were not buying them the quiet background music. Sea of ??Simulation in separate dishes remained good.

Dee Dee Bridgewater – Live At Yoshi’s: a live performance from 1998 recorded Yoshi’s jazz club (after their move to Oakland). Deedee’s singing style and her connection with the audience give a feeling of listening to a musical stand-up show (and an audience completely satisfied). The first section of the Scat Song Undecided came clean and you could “feel” the size of the club. Section Slow boat to china tambourine sounds sharp but without any metallic texture. Sex machine section of the mix sounds good but does not mix with the background music on the one hand and covered it on the other.

Enigma – MCMXCaD: an album that’s best remembered for the combination of electronic music and Gregorian chant.
The album also included various samples from different sources (including some that ended the lawsuit and compensation) or “rearrangement” of familiar melodies such as for example the film Encounters of the Third Kind. In the first (and best selling) of the second section Principles Of Lust There are lots of tools but each received the box and immediately his bass was clear and not muffled. In the second part of the gulls sounded hollow section (hideouts if you will) as the poet meant and mid bass remains clear as it was. In the first and last bit quiet of the album Back To The Rivers Of Belief recording tools were saved significant echo effect clear and clean even when the choir came in the background.

Phil Collins – Face Value: The first album by Phil Collins (who apparently left the music business this year) was “inspired” from the breakdown of his first marriage, but that does not stop him from being one of his most successful albums. Main characteristics are signs of drums and trumpets of course catch any nice chunk of his album (but with time they died down a little). The successful passage (and best selling) album, In the air tonight there is a slow build up to a peak where there is an explosion of drums, it sounded excellent, clean, and rhythmic. The same can be said for the instrumental part at Hand in Hand tools have been added as a dull little piano and trumpets strong.

With the XB700 more sensitive (but with a lower impedance) the Burson not stuttered for a second, bass too much emphasis on this model were higher in control and there were no “metallic”. The HD555 sounded more Laid back with the bass a little less bold and weaker high (relative to the LCD-2) what among other things sound more forgiving with the Recorded clarity. In this case the HA-160D is a kind of overkill these earphones, and naturally I expect more interest from models such as the-LCD-2, HD800, Hifiman all types, T1, etc..
Compared to DAC1 my I must point out that there were differences between the two units, both in terms of boxes all in one and the aspect of amplification when the DAC1 was set-top box (if there are differences there is a chance that they stand out more with headphones brightness relative to LCD-2 or with headphones more difficult for propulsion). Personally I’m not surprised because all that is good on both units is very similar to price area. Headphone enthusiast community with the DAC1 way less estimated net amplifier (usually describe it converts about 90% and 10% male), I however do not agree with that statement.

Play it and Burson-HA-160D looks, feels, and sounds like the product because we’re in a relatively saturated market in recent years. Of course there are many competitors in style, but these usually cost area and lower construction quality (all products in more than one usually aimed low) and the first product springs to mind who competes directly with HA-160D is the benchmark for the PRE version (without the sign ) which is more expensive than what Burson and is (on paper anyway) Value as good value for money with analog input only once and build quality as impressive aspect of the visual.

On the other hand he clearly preferred for those in need headphones or package more compact. Unlike what-Burson The DAC1 is there a cheaper version only set-top box (something that Burson going to soon offer) but yes there is a cheaper version without the Pre. In addition to Burson, of course, offer the headphone amp as a separate unit for those who want to use the DAC election.
Although I have not used the device as a Pre but For me it’s fine treat, just pay attention because there is (and is not going to be) a remote control model “restricted” or only for desktop use or audience old school that is not afraid to get up off the couch every time when you want to play with the volume or change the source.
Eventually as All in one box of the Burson provides good value for money. With fantastic build quality, desirable features, and excellent sound impossible not to recommend.
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