My HD600 was previously missing some bass, though I had recabled them with TWcu. With HA-160, the bass have now extended lower and hit harder.
Mids sounds wonderfully coloured. Treble is a little soft but well extended.
With HA-160, I’m also able to use my Sony EX-1000 without any fears of the driver going burst. Though magnificently detailed, clear and transparent without any grain, EX-1000 is sorely lacking in bass.

Listening to EX-1000 has now provided the slam in bass and also introduced some warmth without sacrificing any details and clarity. It now sounds so sick in the most complimentary way.

I have to say that HA-160 is one of the best purchase I have made in 2011 withouut much regret.
It’s a reference amplifier at a mid range price-tag.