My main source with this amp is the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD PCI-E, but I’ve also tried my Pico USB DAC with it.

At first, I thought it was a bit light on the bass, but then I realized that it’s my X-Fi HD that’s light on the bass compared to my Pico DAC. So far my Burson has around 200 hours on it. It’s perfectly burned in and sounds completely unbelievable.

It has a thick, powerful sound with great detail, amazing dynamics, and a massive sound stage you can only find in a high-end class-A amplifier.

I was considering buying open headphones to get better sound stage than my Ultrasone Edition 8 offered, but this amp improved them so much that I decided that I don’t need new headphones at all.

Now I’m looking to upgrade my DAC instead.

Thank you for creating such an amazing product!

George T.