I am imputing the digital signal into the DA-160 through USB, then through a Manley Stingray.
Esthetically the DA-160 feels as such equipment should beautiful, elegant and luxurious but not ostentatious- it can be a fine line- but Burson does esthetics with equanimity.

All around it is a beautiful tool. Easy – totally easy- to use, no effort or issues.

The sound: the DA-160 – I can’t compare this to other DACs but I can say that from the CD player (mid range) that I was using – the DA-160 has opened a world of sound- shocked and impressed- so much depth- to much at times- I find myself listening at lower volumes because the sound stage is so much sharper and deeper.
Even my 5 year old can’t stop listening!

My Appreciation for your excellent product,