Haven’t had a lot of time to date to evaluate the buffer amp but spent today in detailed comparison of the buffer amp  in my Audio system. My current system comprises all Audio Analogue equipment all in the latest Maestro range comprising a pair of Class A SE stereo maps run in Bi amp mode with a Stereo line SE Preamp and  Ver:1 & Ver:2  Maestro 192/24 CD players fed by a Shunyata Hydra V-Ray power conditioner. 

My current speakers are a pair of Polk SDA-SRS speakers that I have totally rebuilt with upgraded crossovers, tweeter driver replacement, driver modifications, internal wiring upgrade many structural cabinet modifications also and some cosmetic changes yet to be completely finished but very happy with the results to date.

My comparison has been with the both CD players connected one with the Buffer inline and the second just connected normally and as the system has remote control switching and the CD players playing the same disc at the same time same volume setting there is no discernible advantage with the Buffer amp inline and a slight loss of definition with a bass narrowing as a result when compared between the two.
To be honest if the results had been different I would have been surprised as I would have expected equipment of this level to be impedance matched during the design stage so the buffer would have had no beneficial effect in the chain as a result and in this case a detrimental effect as a result although the Ver:2 CD player has a clear sonic improvement over the Ver:1 player.

I have a second system currently not set up that comprises a Stax CAY Preamp with  pair of Rotel RB1090 power amps and an Esoteric P-500 CD drive with Audio Alchemy DDI/DDE/PS2 DAC that has shown a major improvement in sound quality when I have used a couple of other Buffer amps in the chain both valve based.

Another option I will try is between the CD player and the Valve head unit I have on my head phone system a Stax Lambda Signature Pro electrostatic system with extremely high resolution that I have noted benefited from previous experimentation with the other buffer amps that I have, so this comparison should prove interesting.

Garry Paternoster