Well guys, what can I say, not much really I am speechless.
Firstly thanks so much for sending me the buffer and for the generous offer(s)
I have tested today with my headphone system and my Wadia/iPod set up, although not on my main system as my power amp is still unwell.
I love listening to music, it is my hobby, and it makes me happy, and boy am I happy right now.
I am not an expert audiophile reviewer and don’t understand the technical aspects or the terms that they use, but I have ears and I know what I like when I hear it. I can give you a very simple analogy from a guy who wears glasses. Without my glasses the world is blurred and with them on I can see really clearly. This is what it’s like with the AB-160 in my system – it’s like 20:20 vision for your ears. Everything is in the right place and crystal clear.

I read in a review of the AB-100 that it works great on mid-range components, but on high-end kit the difference is less significant. I don’t own any high-end, but when using the AB-160 with my Wadia 170 I-transport the former applied. The improvement was exceptional. It was as good as the improvements on the Unison Research Unico CD player which suggests to me that this buffer is a great leveler, bringing everything ‘up’ to a higher standard.

One last comment for now is aimed at all those people (including myself) that “invest” huge sums in cables of varying metallic mixtures to ‘correct’ or ‘enhance’ their audio systems. Stop, stop right now and buy one of these first. You will save yourself a lot of time, expense, and frustration. The answer is in the buffer – it will bring a smile to your ears J

Richard J UK
A guy with ears