Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 upgraded with Burson Opamps

It comes stock with a user replaceable National LM4562NA opamp and the Burson Audio dual opamp unit is a direct upgrade for the lm4562. I noticed on the Burson Audio website “Please solder a good quality foil capacitor (MKP caps) across the power intake (V+ and V-) of the Discrete Op-Amp.” I have a bunch of .1uF Panasonic ECQ-P Polypropylene caps handy… I was curious, why is this not part of the circuit? Burson Audio explained that the extra cap is optional.  In most case the Burson opamp will work fine without one.  Only in certain case where the power supply is not coupling well then extra cap will help to overcome the issue. After the upgrade, I noticed intermittent “pops” while listening to music.  I then used a Panasonic ECQ-P(Z) 100V .1uF Polypropylene cap across pins 4 and 8 and have been listening without any pops! I think the music sounds beautiful. Rob L