How is Burson dealing with COVID-19?

We are open for business.  We are ensuring the delivery of products to customers worldwide by working with logistic and dealership partners.  We are full steam ahead with R&D so that fellow audiophiles can have more fun at home.

No one in Burson Audio is left behind as we are a close-knit team supporting each other and our families through this temporary situation.

Reference Series

To some, it is overkill. To us, it is the only way to build a reference. Using two advanced DAC chips when one is probably enough. Designing a four layers PCB to optimise the signal path.  Shrinking an 8Wpc, Class-A muscle amp into an elegant enclosure that has no vistable screws. We are over-engineering our Reference Series from form to function, and because of that, it is unmistakably Burson.

Performance Series

The Burson Performance Series is genuinely uncompromising, featuring all of our key technologies and nearly two decades of craftsmanship. From its advanced digital front end and connectivity to its MCPS and discrete opamps, it offers the highest performance to value ratio in the industry.

Party Series

Supreme Sound Components

Hong Kong and China visitors of Supreme Sound Audio could also visit here to find translated products information and purchase options.