Burson Funk Pre-Order for free upgrades.

For a limited time only, order the Basic NE5532 version at 544USD, and we’ll upgrade it to the Deluxe version valued at 744USD. The Deluxe version includes a pair of Burson V6 Vivid Dual opamps and a Burson Cool Stand. Value totalling 245USD

  • The Vivid Dual opamps will further enhance the sonic performance of the Funk.
  • The Cool Stand supports the Funk vertically, saving even more desktop space and further enhances the heat dissipation of this Class-A head amp and Class-AB stereo amp.

Pre-Order offer ends on the 1st of March. Delivery by the end of March, in chronological order. https://www.bursonaudio.com/product/funk/

Reference Series

To some, it is overkill. To us, it is the only way to build a reference. Using two advanced DAC chips when one is probably enough. Designing a four layers PCB to optimise the signal path.  Shrinking an 8Wpc, Class-A muscle amp into an elegant enclosure that has no vistable screws. We are over-engineering our Reference Series from form to function, and because of that, it is unmistakably Burson.

Performance Series

The Burson Performance Series is genuinely uncompromising, featuring all of our key technologies and nearly two decades of craftsmanship. From its advanced digital front end and connectivity to its MCPS and discrete opamps, it offers the highest performance to value ratio in the industry.

Party Series

The Burson Party Series is fun and compact, featuring some of our key technologies and nearly two decades of craftsmanship. It is the most affordable range in the Burson line up.

Supreme Sound Components

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