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It is well-known that Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is more efficient than the traditional transformer-based linear power supply. This is because the copper winding of the transformer has high resistance and constraints current flow, the SMPS, on the other hand, has no such constraint and its high-speed switching transistors adjust its working frequency based on the demand of the circuitry with nearly perfect throughput.

However, using SMPS in audio design has traditionally yielded poor results. This is because SMPS converts AC to DC at 30-50 Khz and that conversion process is noisy. While normal human hearing can only reach 20Khz, many of the resonant frequency from that conversion process can still reach down to auditable levels. For this reason, seriously high-end audio designs have no choice but to stick by the transformer-based linear power supply. Until now.

With the Burson Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) the AC to DC conversion happens at over 170khz. That’s way beyond human hearing and completely eliminates any detectable noise. Combine that with our current purifying network and the MCPS delivers noise-free high current power. When compared to transformer based linear PS designs, a 2 Watts generated by our amplifiers can match the dynamics and impact of traditional 6W amplifiers.

The Burson MCPS is here to revolutionize high-end audio designing.