My first impression once I start spinning my disc on it, it is clear but a bit harsh and too bright for my liking, however I decided to burn in it for the next 10-20hrs… My CDP evolved and the brightness mellowed down; the harshness had somehow turned into clarity, forwarding, sweeter and wider soundstage. Although it wasn’t as warm as it previously was, I love it, it seems like taking off a veil from the music and I don’t feel any fatigue during the session. Similarly, the bass had improved tremendously, it became tighter and quicker. My John Mayer unplugged- Slow Dancing in a Burning Room & Eric Clapton unplugged – Tears in Heaven & Layla never sound so good to me before, first time I felt the difference of Redbook and SACD can be quite similar, like WOAH! Ever since it had been modded, I fell asleep to it, bad thing; my tube amp may explode anytime – Karl.