Second session of plays for Burson and my 3 headphones:

I Immediately began saying that the combination of Audio Analogue Crescendo CDP, Burson HA-160 and Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro is nothing short of sublime! These 3 components succeed, even managed to exited me. A unique sound, sublime dynamic across all frequencies from low, that make you tremble, to medium high and are clear and detailed, the voices are clear, never distorted or too many even at high volumes, not disturbing (as happens for SR325i ), I listened to CDs as I had never done before.

The good synergy of these 3 elemnts and the very best Burson project, as well advertised, NOT infarcise or dirty what comes from any source with NOTHING, perfectly transparent. For me it’s a great plus for the HA-160, the MF XcanV3 instead, with its tubes colored something in the sound, especially with SR325i. Needless to say, AKG K270, with its 20 years old and over was the worst of the trilogy, but compared to MF XcanV3 with the Ha-160 it’s still “listenable” what was previously impossible almost irritating, it was so “muffled” sound that it produced

Now the sound from old one is much broader and clearly going as that is still listenable
What is contrary happened to my Grado SR325i whose sound now is not comparable to the DT880, a little too biting up, nothing to say about the low frequencies, perhaps even a little step forward to DT880, and it’s sound is a little bit metal, defects that MF Xcanv3 clear risk to cover and that instead the Burson highlights, for its transparency

And ‘the true DT880 are the best rounds of the triptych but the Grado SR325i regained many points with a simple maneuver that I have often heard on various posts but never had done, the change of the ears PADS!
Removed and replaced the original 325i ears pads with a pair much more flat and pierced the heart, that’s incredible, a Sennheiser ears pads that there are great (!!!), the sound has changed completely
The slightly metallic tone is gone, the bass have become devastating, embarrassing for a small cap, perhaps slightly too much for my taste, but however fine, medium and high tones are slightly softened have become more enjoyable and less annoying to high volumes.

So a very significant improvement
I still believe the combination Burson / DT880 still higher than the 325i, it is certain that I’d like to try other headphones with Burson

Like a Grado RS1 type, or AKG K701 or Sennheiser HD650 or HD800 …
However, I am more than satisfied with Burson, I think they sound more “modern” than XcanV3, more current, more transparent and with sound image wider (always talking about a headphone)
Be on building the images speak for themselves : the state of the art!
Especially recommend it for the cost the quality the sound and the seriousness of the Burson Audio Melbourne, one word : exemplary

Sure if that is the sound of a so “little” Burson integrated, the big one, with 160W promises really good !

Luca an Italian fan of BursonAudio