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The Gustard H10 is a powerful headphone amp running in Class A with fully balanced output. This is great headphone amp design with fantastic value. The H10 has been the hot topic among Head-Fier and DIYer. Apart from great build quality and design the H10 also allow for easy Opamp rolling so that customer can customise its sonic performance (

LT1355 /w AD797BRZ
Results so far I don’t like the LT1355 with the AD797BRz as much as I thought I did, the highs is actually bright sounding from there being too much detail and the mid’s sound like it being held back even though it has some weight to the Mid’s. The Drums was ok but the hit hats in a lot of these songs had a Shh to the sound in the first few seconds of them being hit. Second song the separation was ok but the instrument’s was off centered and didn’t sound right to my ears. The only thing good about using the LT1355 with the AD797 was that it did had more weight behind the Mid’s. But the Cons out weight the pros.

LT1489 /w AD797BRZ
The LT1489 and the AD797 are a better match together then the LT1355 was, but there was parts in different songs where it wasn’t clean in some parts and was in others. Couple of songs had a good sound image while others it was hard to tell. But I liked this combo a lot more than the LT1355.
The main thing I like about the LT1489 over the LT1355 is it sound stage and sound imaging which are wide and 3Dish when paired with the AD797brz. While the LT1355 had a medium sound stage with
Mid’s that wasn’t clean but was full which what I didn’t like about the LT1355 in compared to the LT1489.

V5-OPA-D /W AD797BrZ
The music sound really nice with this combo, I liked these two more so then the Linear op-amps. Everything sound clear, some songs the location of the piano and drums was placed better and not sound like they took the drums and set them inside the piano. Other song I heard the location of the different sounds easier, the some of the songs had a good spacing between the instruments.

V5-OPA-D /w V5-OPA-S
The V5’s sound really good the highs are detailed which I find to be smoothed, the voice’s come out clear and clean and have some weight behind them.
The drum’s hits are accurate which is very clear with detail, with the way they are produced you can hear how hard the drummer hitting and how soft. The sound stage is really good, the sound has a 3Dish sound to it as the instruments in a lot of songs sound like that they are around you and spaced apart.

Out of all of the op-amp combo’s that I tried in this review, I enjoyed the V5’s the most. They sound very wonderful to me. As the days go on I feel that I will enjoy them more and more as they burn in. Burson Audio done a very good job creating these op-amps. I know they will sound even better as the days goes on during my listening. I can’t wait to try other op-amps with the Burson’s to see how they perform.”…

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