I just wanted you guys to know that I’m a fan of your work and have recently added the Conductor headphone amp/Dac to my Burson stable. The HA-160 and DA-160 were my 1st Burson purchases and they did not disappoint. I took a chance getting the “twins” as none of my audiophile friends had ever heard of Burson. Now whenever I go on vacation they all want to house sit so they can experience what I do on a daily basis.

The twins or shall I say triplets (if I include the AB-160) rest squarely upon the shoulders of their younger but albeit stronger sibling the Conductor. My HD800’s and LCD 2.2 have no issues whatsoever being driven to their maximum potential.
The sheer amount of connectivity and listening options I have with your products is why solid state done right in other words Burson wins hands down in any fight!

Keep up the good work!