…”After unboxing and setting it up with my computer and Musical Fidelity DAC, I allowed it to warm up for about an hour. I then plugged in my modded HD580 headphones (HD600 grills/HD650 cables) and proceeded to listen to some orchestral music, specifically Debussy’s Images with the Cleveland Orchestra under the direction of Pierre Boulez.

I was immediately floored by the dynamics, transparency, texture, and tone quality that was coming out of my headphones. My HD580’s had never enjoyed this kind of sound! Moreover, the background to the music was so black that you could pick up the finest and quietest of sounds. For example, I could hear so much more sound ‘around’ the notes of the instruments – the reverberation of the hall, the articulation of the stringed instrument’s bow strokes, even the sounds of musicians shuffling/moving around.
So far, I’m completely floored by the musicality of this amplifier. Thank you so much for creating such an involving, resolving, and just plain enjoyable amplifier!

Andrew F.
Violinist – Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra