…”I am an audiophile from the early 90’s and I am returning to my hobby after a long hiatus. I was previously using a Creek CD60 cd player.
I recently purchased a Denon CN615 as a backup cd player. Eventually my CD60 broke and I purchased the Burson 160D to use as a dac with the Denon as a transport only.

I am very impressed because the 160D does not have that typical hard edge transistor sound, in fact it is a warm sound. I can say with all honesty that this dac will extract as much detail that exists in a recording. I am also using my laptop to play 24/96 files. I have yet to try 24/192.

The unit definitely sounds better warm (1hr warm up). I quickly tried the headphone section with a pair of akg 701 and they are incredible.

In summary this dac does all I need it to do at a reasonable price. I can’t believe that dac’s costing 2 or 3 thousand are any better, or even worth the high price they command. This dac is highly recommended.”

Thank you

Jim G.