Burson HA-160D feedback by Withman S. with Yamaha M-40, McCormack DNA-1 & Sennheiser HD650

..."The HA160D replaced a Rogue Audio 66 preamp and a musical fidelity v-dac.In comparison the Rogue Audio 66 the HA160D running either amp reveled just how rolled off the treble of Rogue 66 is. The HA160D gives a strong bass (which the McCormack / Platinums have in spades) to a rich midrange (not as warm as the tube amp) and to an open and air top end that the tube pre-amp never produced.Through the HD650s I hear what my modest speaker/amps are not able to convey with both digital and vinyl sources. The biggest compliment I can give the DAC section is that my attention is some times more captured by digital play then vinyl. It will take some significant investment on my analog equipment before I get to the level of interest produced by the HA160D DAC."...Withman S.