Burson HA-160 feedback by Randy G. with Hifi Man HE-6

I have owned three headphone amps prior to purchasing the Burson HA 160, i.e. Creek ,Musical Fidelity and HiFi Man in that order . Although each amp has had its own character, each successive amp was an upgrade and the Burson is no exception. The Burson seems to offer more of the ingredients which make a good headphone amp which are identified in reviews and thus do not need to be repeated here. On a personal level I find that with the Burson I now spend the majority of my time listening to headphones versus my system with floor standing speakers. Thus the Burson has resulted in a significant gravitational pull towards a richer musical experience .It is like appreciating good food and wine . Now when I order up my musical banquet choice of CD) I can experience greater range and complexity. Thanks and Congrats on a fine product. Randy G.